About Us

Charlotte for Ukraine is a program run by volunteers in Charlotte NC and administrated by the Southern Guitar Festival nonprofit organization. The program originated to serve Ukrainian refugees escaping the war and coming to the Charlotte area. We take a lot of pride in partnering with nonprofit organizations such as Brave Works, Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency, CMS school system, St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church, and other community partners to provide Ukrainian refugees with crucial information and resources. Charlotte For Ukraine hosts regular rallies in uptown Charlotte to raise awareness among US citizens and attract attention to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Charlotte for Ukraine also sponsors people in crisis who currently live in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees coming to Charlotte, NC.


In Ukraine our organization sponsors projects like:

  • Food delivery to older population in Ukraine who cannot leave the apartments
  • Animal shelters (food) in Ukraine
  • Buying variety of items for orphanages in western Ukraine, who have just accepted hundreds of orphans from East of Ukraine due to its daily bombardment
  • Providing immediate monetary assistance to people in Ukraine in crisis
  • Medical supplies for people in Ukraine
  • Heat devices for civilians in Ukraine
  • Developing of workshops and educational sessions for Ukrainian refugees in Charlotte, NC
  • Outreach programs to educate local community about needs of Ukrainian refugees in Charlotte, NC.