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Charlotte for Ukraine is a program run by volunteers in Charlotte NC and administrated by the Southern Guitar Festival nonprofit organization. The program originated to serve Ukrainian refugees escaping the war and coming to the Charlotte area. We take a lot of pride in partnering with nonprofit organizations such as Brave Works, Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency, CMS school system, St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church, and other community partners to provide Ukrainian refugees with crucial information and resources. Charlotte For Ukraine hosts regular rallies in uptown Charlotte to raise awareness among US citizens and attract attention to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Charlotte for Ukraine also sponsors people in crisis who currently live in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees coming to Charlotte, NC.

In Ukraine our organization sponsors projects like:

  • food delivery to older population who cannot leave the apartments
  • animal shelters (food)
  • buying variety of items for orphanages in western Ukraine, who have just accepted hundreds of orphans from East of Ukraine due to its daily bombardment
  • providing immediate monetary assistance to people in Ukraine in crisis
  • medical supplies for people in Ukraine
  • heat devices

Letter to your congressman or congresswoman in support for Ukraine:

Letter to your congressman or congresswoman

“USA has become the etalon of democracy and justice by paying a steep price on the way and always standing up for what is right. No other country than USA better understands the value of human rights and human life. 

In its effort to conquer Ukraine and in violation of all international law Russia has taken approach of terror of civilian population by destroying this peaceful country’s critical infrastructure in the face of upcoming severe winter. The outcome of such destruction is what might end up being the genocide of Ukrainians as a nation.

We find the current economic sanctions and current military support of Ukraine insufficient to deter Russia and want the Government to pledge to supply Ukraine with all the needed weaponry of offense and defense, up to and including full-scale military intervention if required.

We are asking you to use all of your political power to ensure full support of Ukraine with all the weaponry requested by Ukrainian military. That includes but is not limited to needed by Ukrainian military antimissile defenses and long-range missiles. We are also asking for continuous humanitarian support of Ukraine whose military sons and daughters defend their country so bravely.

US always did and always will stand up for democracy and the rule of the law leading the world by example.”

Charlotte for Ukraine distributes 100% of accumulated donations directly to people in Ukraine.

All your donations are tax deductible. To receive your receipt contact us.

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In this difficult time, Charlotteans are uniting to support Ukrainians affected by the war in Ukraine.


Email our volunteers at [email protected].

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