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Help Ukrainian refugees and Ukrainians who struggle to survive back home

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About Us

Charlotte for Ukraine is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers in Charlotte, NC.

These committed volunteers expend relentless effort to back a range of initiatives, focusing on aiding the integration of Ukrainian refugees in Charlotte, NC, and providing assistance to diverse organizations in Ukraine.

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The Charlotte Mayor's Office has produced a Proclamation recognizing August 24th as Ukraine’s Independence Day.

proclamation Ukraine's Independence Day in Charlotte
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Join us to be a part of positive change!

We are looking for volunteers to provide support to Ukrainian refugees and assist them in rebuilding their lives.

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Our Projects

A collective effort for Ukrainian refugees, soldiers, hospitals, and others.

We're uniting to provide essential aid and support to those in need.

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Ukrainian kids and parents in Charlotte come together to help Ukraine.

On September 9th, our organization initiated a workshop where Ukrainian families came…

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Successful arrival of donations at Ternopil Hospital!

Finally, everything that we sent to the Ternopil hospital has arrived! A…

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Sending assistance to Kupiansk: acknowledgement for battery.

This was a complex operation: in Poland we purchased a powerful battery…

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Humanitarian aid to the flooded villages in Kherson.

In June 2023 we received a desperate cry for help from Kherson.…

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26 boxes of medical supplies to Ternopil.

A few days ago our organization was able to send out 26…

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Posts to assisting Ukrainian refugees in their journey of adaptation and integration.

Informative posts and invaluable insights were crafted to offer vital guidance and assistance throughout this period of transition.

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Якщо ви перебуваєте в Шарлотті або його навколишніх районах і цікавитеся інформацією щодо медицини, оренди і інших питань, рекомендуємо спочатку звернутися до цього розділу:


Якщо ви не знайшли відповіді, будь ласка, заповніть цю анкету: