Dr. Yuliya Yurko and Prisma Health’s Lifesaving Aid to Ukraine’s University Hospital

It is almost two years since Dr. Yuliya Yurko and Prisma Health are supplying University Hospital of Тернопільський національний медичний університет імені І. Я. Горбачевського in Ukraine with high-quality medical supplies. Desperately needed and highly appreciated supplies follow a long logistic chain – after being sorted by Dr. Yurko, packages get to Dnipro LLC Parcel Services in Charlotte, then travel to NJ to get loaded on the ship to Europe. It takes a long 8 weeks on the road, but it’s so worth it – just seeing the smiles on the tired med personnel faces once they receive the packages.

This time it was 585lbs brutto, shipment paid by donations collected by Charlotte for Ukraine 2022. Ternopil medics will receive it in early March 2024.

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